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High-Quality Drain Repairs in Magnolia, Texas

We Value Our Customers, and They Value Our Work!

We know consumers are looking for first-rate service when they need plumbing heating and cooling work done, and at First Service Plumbing and Drains, we have provided you with high-quality plumbing, drain cleaning, and pipe and sewer line repairs in Magnolia since 2000 - our community is of utmost importance to us.

Our Magnolia plumbers have helped countless residential and commercial customers with plumbing services and drain repairs— our community matters to us the most. We know that consumers who want Magnolia plumbing heating cooling services expect only the best, and we at First Service Plumbing & Drains are a family-owned business with a commitment to service and have been providing our customers with high-quality plumbing repairs and other plumbing services since 2000. We strive to provide terrific customer service while maintaining a low operating cost with economical rates. At First Service Plumbing & Drains, you and your home will always be our #1 priority, and we take pride in doing a great job.

We are equipped to handle all types of plumbing and HVAC services and repairs, including 24-hour emergency plumbing, and specialize in providing first-rate customer service and packages for all your drain cleaning, piping issues, sewer line services, including sewer inspections, hydrostatic testing, water heater repair or replacement, sump pumps, gas line services, water line replacement, water treatment, leak detection, drain sewers, and pipes and fixtures needs. Our strong family beliefs and work ethic help our fully licensed and insured Magnolia plumbing staff build lifetime relationships with our beloved customers. Our customers know they can count on us, and so can you. Call Magnolia Heating Plumbing Cooling today.

Drain Cleaning Services

A blocked drain can soon become a serious problem. When your pipes are no longer draining, you need First Service Plumbing. We can handle any clogged drains, look for damaged pipes, and make sure your drains are running freely. No matter what your plumbing issue or piping issues are, schedule an appointment today!

Bathtub and Shower Installation

With over twenty years of experience, First Service Plumbing & Drains can help you choose and install the new bathtub or shower your home deserves. Our professional crew is experienced in preventing damage to your property. We will install the fixture of your dreams while ensuring your surrounding home is left unchanged. We can help you with anything from a very basic bathtub or shower to the most elegant walk-in showers and jetted tubs.

Faucet Installation and Repair

Update your faucets and make your home seem brand new with the help of our professional plumbers in Magnolia, TX. Do you like your current faucets and want to save money? First Service Plumbing can make that happen. Have you spent a long time with your sink and are now thinking of replacing it? We can walk you through the entire process from choosing to installing. Get in touch with First Service plumbing heating cooling today.

Gas Line Services

Has your high electricity bill got you thinking it’s high time you install a new gas line for gas appliances? Call us on the first go. We’ve got you covered!

Toilet Installation and Repair

Whether you’re looking for repairs or a new toilet, we can help. Although, if your toilet is old, we highly recommend considering a new toilet. Today’s toilets not only save on water, but they are also easier to clean and have some impressive new features available. Additionally, professional installation by a skilled plumber like those at First Service Plumbing can help you avoid costly accidents and save you from having more trouble and costs down the line. When you need an expert—fast—we’re here to help! For expert toilet repair, give First Service Plumbing & Drains a call.

Water Heater Installation

If you have a broken water heater or you need fast service, and whether you need a new water heater or repairs, we have you covered. If you are purchasing a new water heater for your home, this is a big decision. Let First Service Plumbing & Drains help you make the right choice and provide accurate installation. Whether you are interested in a gas water heater or an electric water heater, or a traditional or tankless water heater, we are ready to help. Just call Magnolia Plumbing Heating.

Faucet Repair

Having a faucet leak is not only annoying; it is like watching money go down the drain. A leaky faucet can also end up costing even more money if it causes water damage. But our Magnolia plumbers can fix your faucet or replace it if that is the better option. Save yourself some money by requesting an appointment today!

Sink Installation

If you are remodeling your kitchen or just looking for a new sink, you have probably noticed how many options are available. At First Service Plumbing, we can help you select a sink that suits both you and your budget. Also, with professional installation, you can be sure your sink is installed correctly and will be leak free.

Water Treatment System

If you have hard water, First Service Plumbing can help you. We can install a water softener that will provide you with the many benefits of soft water, such as saving money on electricity, fewer plumbing problems, as well as softer skin, and healthier hair. So, reach out and ask us about a new water treatment system!

Garbage Disposal Installation

At First Service Plumbing, we also install and repair garbage disposals. A garbage disposal can save you a lot of time by making clean-up easier. Eventually, though, it will need to be repaired or replaced, and when it does, we’re here to help. So, if you need repairs or want help choosing and installing a new garbage disposal, call us at First Service Plumbing & Drains.

Magnolia Plumbing Leak Pipe Repair

If you have a problem with your water supply, you naturally want it fixed quickly. Whether it’s a water leak or decreased water pressure, you want it fixed right. We are your go-to experts for leak detection, pipe repairs, replacements, and inspections. So, if your home has a water leak or a decrease in water pressure, don’t hesitate to call today to schedule an appointment with Magnolia plumbing heating cooling today!

Providing Excellence

Whether it’s a basic repair or a significant upgrade, we are your expert team for plumbing services! At the first sign of a problem, contact First Service Plumbing & Drains without hesitation.

Contact Us

A family-run company for all the families in need of drain cleaning, pipe repair, and more in Magnolia, Texas

Fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind, First Service Plumbing and Drains LLC Is pleased to fix your plumbing system. So, if you need a reliable and reasonable plumber in Magnolia, Texas, contact First Service Plumbing and Drains to schedule service today at 832-793-0393 or request a quote online!

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