Water Filtration, which one is right for me?

Greater Houston is known to have very hard water. Water filtration is necessary to protect your plumbing system. We notice the scale buildup on our shower doors, dishes and appliances. It can also cause unseen problems, as hard water will wear down plumbing fixtures and parts. Hard water will quickly damage toilet valves and faucet cartridges. Not to mention the accumulation within our water heaters and appliances. So we now ask the question: “what can be done to stop it?”

There are many ways to treat your water. The most well known is a traditional water softener, but there are also other options available. Salt-free descalers and electronic devices can inhibit scale buildup. Ultimately, you should have the water at your home tested to know exactly what’s in it. After that you can decide what system is best for you. Each system is different. Some may require electricity, or a drain line, while others are a “plug-and-play” design requiring no maintenance. That’s why it’s so important to know what your individual needs are.


Testing the water quality


There are a few ways you can test the quality of your water. If you are concerned about bacteria in your water, a lab test is not very expensive. You may decide to purchase an at-home test kit from the hardware store. These will check for levels of chlorine, minerals, pH, or alkalinity. Also, take into consideration if your water comes from a utility district or a private well. Remember, every utility district is different. What you find on one side of town may not be the same as you find in the new house.

Installation practices

Once you have discovered what may be in the water, and which water filtration system is best for you, the next question will be where to put it? Most systems will go either in the garage, or outside the house. We do not recommend installing the system within the home or the attic. Other important factors such as electrical components and drain lines can help determine where to install it. Always consider protecting the system from UV rays if installing outdoors.

At First Service Plumbing we have experience in helping you through this process. We have water quality tests on hand at all times. Our plumbers can install all makes and models of water filtration systems. Let us know if you have specific questions about a system you are considering. Have a question or feedback? Feel free to reach out to us anytime through our contact form

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