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We take pride in the fact that you and your home are our #1 priority. Here at First Service Plumbing and Drains, we love showcasing our exceptional customer service while keeping a low overhead with affordable rates. Our family values and professional work ethic help us build lasting relationships with our customers. Call our team in Tomball for plumbing services today and you will see the difference! Whether you have drain issues or need shower, sink, and toilet repair or installation, we can help!

Ron & Kim Murley (that’s us below), owners of First Service Plumbing and Drains, have been married for 23 years. We have three children and two of our boys are in the military on active duty. (We are so proud of all of our children!) We feel blessed to be working together providing exceptional customer service. Ron has 21 years of experience as a service plumber and is a licensed Master Plumber. We are family owned and serve the greater Houston area.

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Owners of First Service Plumbing and Drains in Tomball, Texas

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Looking for a trustworthy, affordable plumber in the greater Houston area?  Call First Service Plumbing and Drains today at 832-793-0939

Frequently Asked Questions

Can leaks get bigger over time?

Yes.  When you have a water leak the pipes or fixtures will eventually cause corrosion and potentially cause damage or mold issues to your home.  Call for our Tomball plumbing services today if you notice a leak in your pipes or fixtures.  

How much water is wasted from a dripping faucet?

You may be surprised to know that it takes 15,140 drops to equal a single gallon.  If you want to figure out how much your faucet is leaking, count how many times it drips in a minute.  Then multiple that number of drips times 60.  From there, you can divide the total number of drips into 15,140 to get the number of gallons you could save by calling Ron with First Service Plumbing and Drains for faucet repair!  You can save lots of drips.  So call for our Tomball plumbing services now!

My water bill keeps going up every month but I don’t think I have a water leak.  Do you know what it may be?

It could be your toilet.  Sometimes toilets can be silent in leaking.  One way to tell if this is the case is by putting a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank and make sure no one uses that toilet for an hour.  Once the hour has passed, come back and check to see if the food coloring has left the bowl.  If you can tell that some have left, call Ron with First Service Plumbing and Drains to come to repair your leaking toilet as soon as possible.  

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