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Expert Tomball Faucet Installation and Repair


Our professional team in Tomball can install, repair, and replace any variety of faucets or plumbing fixtures.

First Service Plumbing has been providing expert plumbing services to Houston and its surrounding areas for more than twenty years.

You might save money at the time with an amateur plumbing job, but this can cause damage you’ll be paying for with both time and money for a long time to come. So, trust First Service Plumbing for all your faucet installations and repairs in the Tomball area.


Installing a new faucet can truly heighten a room’s appeal, but the fashions of these fixtures can quickly become outdated and contrast with other components of the room, including sinks and countertops. Our plumbers can professionally install a new faucet to save you the hassle and make the kitchen sink in your Tomball home up-to-date. 

Our team can remove your existing faucet assembly and replace it with a new one of your choice. With all the flow options and sizes available, it can be confusing to select a faucet assembly, but our professionals can help you find the right option for your countertop and needs. No matter which option you end up choosing, we can install it. We can install an outdoor faucet as well. Also, if you are considering replacing a sink, we can install a new sink of your choice. We even install undermount sinks.


Instead of a new installation, maybe you like the faucet you already have, but it isn’t working. Faucet seals and valves go bad over time, resulting in leaks, which result in higher water bills and that annoying dripping sound, and nobody wants that. These leaks can even cause water damage. Our faucet repair service can save you money and any faucets you aren’t ready to part with.

Though faucet repairs are not always simple jobs, they can be a cost-effective solution, perfect for those on a budget. Our team can repair any faucet—whether it is a leak or reduced flow, you can trust First Service Plumbing. Our plumbing team can also help with garbage disposal issues and many other plumbing problems.

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Please contact our plumbing experts in Tomball if you’re in need of faucet repair and installation, or if you would like to schedule an appointment. Call us today at 832-793-0393 or request a quote online.

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