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Expert Tomball Gas Line Services


Our professional team offers high-quality gas line repair and replacement services to Tomball and its surrounding areas.

Natural gas lines likely run all throughout your home, and when you think of performing repairs to them, a plumber may not come to mind—but First Service Plumbing’s gas plumbers in Tomball are trained to inspect, repair, replace, and even install all of the natural gas lines in your home.

Gas Line Repair

If you smell gas in your home, first check if any of your gas appliances are leaking. If not, then you may have a gas leak somewhere in your home. Gas can be toxic to breathe, and it is flammable, so it is crucial to leave your home as soon as possible.

Once you’re safe, call emergency services immediately, then call the utility company and have them shut off your gas. Next, contact First Service Plumbing to schedule repairs to your line. Our gas plumbers in Tomball can quickly detect any leaks and perform the repairs to secure your gas supply. Our more than twenty years of experience will provide you peace of mind knowing that once we’re finished, the repair is done right.

New Gas Line

There are many reasons to install a new gas line, including reducing your electric bill. If you’re looking to install a new gas-burning appliance, reroute a line, or expand your capacity, call First Service Plumbing. Working with gas lines is simply not something you can do yourself. These lines are far smaller than water lines, but a single mistake in installing them can have serious consequences. At best, this may simply mean low gas pressure; however, a mistake could easily lead to injury or worse.

So, if you need to install a new line in your Tomball home for any reason, trust the expert gas plumbers at First Service Plumbing to do the work. This is important; after all, your home and safety may depend on it.

Contact Us

For additional information on gas line installation or to schedule an appointment, call First Service Plumbing at 832-793-0393 or request a quote online.

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