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Expert Tomball Toilet Install and Repair


First Service Plumbing and Drains offers services in installation and repair for your toilet needs in the Tomball area. We have the best qualified plumbers in Tomball and always provide top-quality plumbing repairs.

A broken toilet is a huge headache. If it’s cracked or leaking, it can ruin your day, which is why you need your toilet installed correctly in the first place. Installing a toilet takes a lot of exertion and expertise to do right, made more complicated by the many different styles of toilets and advanced plumbing technologies that exist.

You may not be aware of the many complex factors involved in toilet installation, and even small mistakes, such as a poor alignment of the wax ring, can cause toilet leaks and considerable damage to your home, leading to costly repairs. A broken toilet can even cause water damage to your home, which could lead to mold problems.

Consider also the risk of exacerbating existing plumbing issues such as a rusted flange. Professional installation by a skilled plumber like those at First Service Plumbing can help you avoid costly accidents and ensure existing issues are solved instead of causing more trouble down the line.

Compounding the issue is the fact that toilets come in many types, including freestanding, one-piece, and traditional, and may include many modern features, from seat warmers to Bluetooth connectivity. Each style and feature can come with specialized installation requirements that the average homeowner isn’t equipped to perform.

If damage does occur while installing a toilet yourself, it can result in voiding both the toilet manufacturer’s warranty and potentially your homeowner’s insurance policy unless you happen to have a plumbing license.

Many of these same issues apply to repairs. However, not only can issues arise during the repairs themselves, but often a homeowner is not equipped to diagnose the source of plumbing issues.

Whether you are replacing a broken toilet, upgrading it with a new water-saving model, or renovating your whole bathroom, make sure to contact an experienced plumber you can trust to avoid expensive leaks and repairs down the line.

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If you need your toilet replaced or any other plumbing service, from dealing with clogged drains, or installing a water filtration system, to fixing a broken sewer line, call First Service Plumbing in Tomball Tx! We provide plumbing services in Tomball and the greater Houston area. With more than twenty years of plumbing experience, you can trust us to do the work right the first time. Call First Service Plumbing at 832-793-0393 or request a quote online.

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