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Prepare Now for the Winter and Don’t Put a Strain on Your Outdoor Plumbing – Press Release


Date: November 9, 2021

Winter and its temperatures are starting to show up. This time of year can put a strain on outdoor plumbing. The water in the pipes can freeze, thus depriving many of running water. More seriously, under the effect of freezing, the pipelines can explode.

First Service Plumbing & Drains LLC is at the disposal of Houston residents to prevent them from plumbing issues this winter. Fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind, First Service Plumbing & Drains LLC is pleased to fix your plumbing system serving the greater Houston area.

Among the many preparations to be made for winters, preparing water pipes to withstand the harsh cold temperatures is the most important. Remember the February 2020 crisis in Texas, when the cold snap and frost caused several pipes to explode, preventing hundreds of homes from being supplied with drinking water. The situation got so worse that in several localities drinking water distributions were organized. Because of these water supply issues, some seven million Texans have been advised to boil water before consuming it.

When the temperature gets really cold, as low as -15 °C, water in the uninsulated pipes freezes, resulting in pipes explosion. Uninsulated pipes are particularly are susceptible to freezing. However, many homeowners can take certain plumbing measures to protect their pipes during winters.

Since pipes explosion is a real threat during harsh winters, implementing the right plumbing solutions beforehand is essential to avoid such issues from happening in the coming months.

First Service Plumbing & Drains LLC aims to assist and save homeowners in the event of an emergency or disaster, natural or otherwise. Their professionals pay attention to the smallest details and are ready to intervene in any plumbing operation. The goal is to make Houston with the fewest plumbing problems. It is a matter of repairing the damaged parts and doing it in a sustainable way!

Taking your time and spending a little extra on your plumbing that will last for years is worth the effort. Installing high-quality pipes avoids the hassle and cost of replacing burst pipes.

The best way to protect your piping from the cold is to insulate it. You must know that the pipes located after the water meter are your property. Where the meter belongs to the supplier, it remains under your responsibility. Therefore, pipes present in the crawl space, and other isolated places, should not be ignored in the event of an emergency.

You can opt for the best ways to insulate your pipes, such as insulating sleeves made of rubber or polyethylene or the antifreeze heating cable. Insulation triggers heating automatically when the outside temperature drops, preventing the pipes from freezing and bursting.

Do not hesitate to entrust the safety of your piping to qualified professionals to avoid unpleasant surprises and thus remove unwanted stress factors. First Service Plumbing & Drains LLC can check the general condition of your plumbing, in addition to providing sound advice, so that you can gradually replace parts or pipes, if necessary.

For more information, visit First Service Plumbing & Drains LLC.


PUBLISHED: Prepare Now for the Winter and Don’t Put a Strain on Your Outdoor Plumbing

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