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When to Call a Specialist with a Drain Issue?

When a drain issue comes up, homeowners often attempt to deal with it themselves—sometimes successfully, but other times it can be hard to tell when the problem is beyond your capabilities. So let us show you some of the most common situations when it’s the right time to call a specialist with a drain issue.

When DIY Fixes and Typical Home Remedies Fail

Homeowners can solve most small clogs with DIY fixes and home remedies, but for tougher clogs, these methods will often fail. Some home remedies, such as the ever-popular baking soda and vinegar mixture, call for extremely hot water that can potentially damage PVC pipes.

So, when DIY fixes and typical home remedies fail, it’s time to call the professionals.

When You Don’t Have the Tools

Many homeowners own little more than a plunger and maybe a wrench, which is enough for many basic repairs. But sometimes drain issues require more specialized tools.

Some of these include:

  • Specialized plungers
  • Augers for clearing drains in sinks and showers
  • Cutting and installation tools for replacing pipes

Plumbers have these specialty tools and the skills to use them. So, if you don’t have the tools to solve the drain issue, it’s time to call the specialists.

When Store-Bought Drain Cleaners Don’t Work

Though easy to use, store-bought drain cleaners are often ineffective against tougher clogs. Often, even when they work well enough to let water through the drain, they leave behind the material, causing the issue to return soon.

Generally, drain cleaners should be saved for the last resort, and typically even plumbers don’t turn to them unless they are really needed. This is because they contain a lot of dangerous chemicals, can be damaging to plumbing, and are of limited effectiveness.

Multiple Clogs

When a clog appears that you can handle on your own, that’s great, but when multiple smaller clogs start appearing at the same time, it’s time to call a specialist. Multiple clogs show that there is a blockage somewhere in the plumbing.

This is especially serious if the drains in lower-lying parts of your sewer system begin backing up, because this may indicate a blocked sewer line. If this occurs, you should turn off any running water as well as your home’s water supply and call in professionals. It is important to deal with the problem quickly because if it is the sewer line, this can get messy fast.

When You Don’t Know the Cause of the Drain Issue

No two clogs are the same, and though many are caused by hair, others may be caused by grease or food remains. This can lead to uncertainty on how to deal with the problem.

More often than you would probably like, this can even be caused by lost jewelry or other valuables that you might like to have back. Luckily, when you call a professional plumber, they can use special snaking tools with cameras to diagnose the cause of the problem and potentially retrieve any valuables.


Drain issues are some of the most common problems homeowners have to deal with. Sometimes these can be solved by the homeowner themselves, but often they cannot. This can lead to confusion on when to call the specialists, but hopefully, we have cleared up at least a little of that uncertainty. So, the next time your drain backs up, consider whether the issue matches any of the situations we have described.

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